When I stand before God at the end of my life,
I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say,
"I used everything You gave me."
~Erma Bombeck

October 7, 2010

One year ago today...

I received a phone call from my Mom. I was 3 weeks out from major jaw surgery and she had been in in-home Hospice care for four. Her only nourishment from a feeding tube. Her body frail and unable to keep down even water. She cried as she told me she couldn't go on anymore. She wanted to remove the feeding tube. (I found out later she had actually stopped the nourishment the previous day.) Could I please come? Worried about me more than herself, she wanted to wait till I felt up to the trip. Having booked tickets for 2 weeks later hoping to be further along in my healing process, I of course said the only thing I could... "yes". This was to be one of the best decisions I have made in my entire life. I was on the phone immediately and my tickets were exchanged so that I could fly out the very next day...


  1. I remember all of this as if it happened yesterday. Such a sad time. :(

    I know you still miss her every single day. I'm thankful that you had such a special mom and that you were able to share so much with her...even at the end of her long journey.

    Love you friend.

  2. No regrets is a beautiful thing, and you are a beautiful soul with so much to offer this world. When she died she poured her earthly love into me, so that I could remind you of your preciousness. Gentle kisses right on that sweet forehead of yours sweet sister.