When I stand before God at the end of my life,
I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say,
"I used everything You gave me."
~Erma Bombeck

September 27, 2013

A 2nd Birthday Tribute....

My sweet birthday boy.

I blinked. I turned around, and there you are. There you are a big 2 year old. My youngest, my angel, my boy. You are my brightest spot in my every day. 

Your Nana told me after I had your sister, that girls are wonderful (this I cannot deny, I love your sisters like there is no tomorrow), but there is something about a boy. And she hoped that someday I would experience the love between a mother and her son. The very moment the doctor lifted you out of my tummy, I knew. I knew and I understood with all of my being what your Nana meant. 

Sweet boy, I delight in every moment with you. I wish none of it to pass too quickly. From the moment you wake up you are my little shadow, my little side kick. Your daddy finds it quite amusing how you and I are in the same spot on the couch when he leaves every morning. Me with my coffee and Kindle and you with your juice and your thumb, stroking my arm and cuddled close by my side. I want to remember everything about these days. 

Sweet weathered wall art by Mamscrafted on Etsy

I want to remember...

How you sing parts of songs over and over. Like "spider wash!" and "rosies down!" or my favorite "birthdayyyy cha, cha, cha!"

How you love to carry rocks everywhere.

Your stinky little toddler boy feet and nibbling your sweet toes till you erupt in giggles.

How you bounce and run ahead of me then stop turn around and say "comin'?" in your sweet little voice. And oh the smile that goes with it!

The look on your face when you give Daddy big hugs and squeezes. 

The way you make EVERYONE in your path smile.

How you do your best to keep up with your big sisters and the way you delight in playing with them and vice versa. The feeling is mutual. 

How you have the uncanny ability to wake up at exactly the same time every day or know that it is time to get the girls off the bus even when I haven't told you.

How much fun it is to watch you discover something new. Like just yesterday, you pointed at each of our shadows and said "Mommy" and "Kyle".

Cute wall are from ofCarola on Etsy

You and your sisters are my inspiration to chase my dreams. I can't wait to help and watch you chase yours sweet boy.

You have changed our family in a way we could never have imagined. We love you so much! Happy birthday son! 

September 12, 2013

Some days are like that....

Do you remember what it is like to be a girl in fifth grade? I do. I remember vividly. It wasn't one of my best years. Something about girls being really mean. You know the age. 

It makes me extremely happy that K has a some really great friends. One in particular is A. A is a very kind hearted, yet tough, sweet and beautiful girl that K absolutely loves. They are the best of friends. 

Today was a not so great day for A. In fact when she was on the phone with K a little bit ago. She said it was the second worst day in her life. She found out she didn't win an election for student council this morning and then her sweet dog Leroy passed away just after she got home from school. :( 
K asked if we could give A a letter to cheer her up tomorrow. It was my absolute pleasure to do this A for such a sweet girl. We hope it lifts her spirits. 

“I think I'll move to Australia. Some days are like that. Even in Australia.” 
Judith ViorstAlexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day