When I stand before God at the end of my life,
I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say,
"I used everything You gave me."
~Erma Bombeck

January 2, 2010

So... with the new year, I have been thinking...

In the past year, I have learned a lot about blogging. I have yet to put much of it into action, but it is one of my dreams this year to grow a blog that people love to visit and an Etsy shop that brings in a little more than just spending money. But my biggest dream, and I think this is because of my sweet Mama, is that I want to bring joy to the heart of others through this blog and my shop. And if we learn something that makes our lives easier, healthier and happier along the way then that is all the more better.

Because this blog and my shop are still in what I would call a fledgeling stage, I was thinking of creating a new blog and importing this one and totally starting a new shop with the knowledge that I have picked up along the way. The new blog would focus on some things that I am interested in. Of course creativity and projects are at the top of the list still. Healthy eating, saving money and childrearing are also in this list.

I would love to get into some PR that is relevant to my above list and maybe even do some giveaways. (There is one coming up here in the near future by the way as I am fast approaching my 100th post. This one is 96!)

So, my questions to you are...

What do you think of the name "Lanie J. and Co." to encompass more than just the creative aspect of my blogging efforts? I also like the idea of this name for my shop. Do you have an idea of a name that might fit? I really love Lanie by the way. It is a nickname used by my family and closest of friends... I guess that includes all of you! :)

What are some things you would like to see on my blog? More tutorials? More handlettering? More great recipes? More kids projects? Ideas for green cleaning? I am eager to know what you all are interested in. I have been at about 30 followers and 35 subscribers for quite some time and would love to take it to the next level. I like Monday Musings and Friday Favorites, so those will be staying.

What is your preferred platform for blogging? Blogger, Wordpress, or some other?

Do you like the black and white design I have going? I am thinking of maintaining that aspect of the blog, but maybe changing the layout a bit to update it.

Since this is a journey I would love all of you to take along with me, I would really love your input!


  1. Visiting from SITS.
    I can say that we are also considering the blogger vs. wordpress switch this year. I've been waiting until after the 1st to really research it. I guess it's time!
    I, personally, really like the black & white.
    And I just hopped over to Etsy - love your stuff, especially the coasters. I'll be checking back for a gift idea...

  2. Hi,
    I'm visiting from SITS Saturday Sharefest too, but thought I'd stop by and say hi. It seems to me that a lot of people are making the switch to Wordpress. I think there are pros and cons of course. I'd love to switch my blog for my store over to Wordpress because I find the interface on the dashboard side a little easier to work with, but I really miss the option of adding the cute background that I have on my current blog. I think your black and white them is pretty good, not distracting as some color schemes can be. I also think that your name idea sounds good. It can be difficult when you pick a name that describes you but you want to branch out a little and feel that your blog name doesn't really "allow" that. I also believe that tutorials are always a good thing. And having a giveaway is an awesome way to get more followers and more traffic to both your blog and shop. There are actually a lot of people who have blog specifically to promote people who are hosting giveaways from their etsy shops. I'm not an expert by any stretch of the imagination but I've had a shop on Etsy for over 6 months and a shop blog for about that long. I've learned SO much in that time, so if you have any questions, please drop me a line. I'd be happy to answer them. Especially if you want to promote your shop some more. Good luck! (Sorry this is sooo wordy.)


  3. I love the way Lanie J. and Co. sounds, so if all other ideas fail, that one would do nicely. :) I'm glad you're keeping your Monday Musings and Friday Favorites, for I also participate in Monday Musings on my blog, and love looking into recommendations. :) Hope you had a wonderful New Year!

  4. I love the new name idea. I like the black & white... love ideas for green living, crafts, etc... Having tutorials definitely increases your blog traffic and will help you build up a higher following. Best of luck with the changes, and Happy New Year!

  5. Clever green & re-crafty ideas are always a hit with us!