When I stand before God at the end of my life,
I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say,
"I used everything You gave me."
~Erma Bombeck

June 22, 2010

Ribbon Storage....

Recently I acquired a beautiful big desk from a friend and have it in our dining room turned craft area. I have been in the process of straightening and organizing the area in anticpation of some creative time this summer with my children.

Well, I have a lot of ribbon. No... no, not just a lot, A LOT of ribbon! I mentioned to my friend Aamie (who happens to be the one I got the desk from) that I wanted to take the tangled mass of ribbon I had and organize it into a pretty display using an idea I had seen on another blog (unfortunately, I can't remember which one!). I told Aamie that I would love to wrap old fashioned clothes pins with the ribbon and display it in a large jar. Well, Aamie, being the wonderful friend she is left a package of clothespins on my porch one day as a pick me up when I was in dire need of one. That's the kind of friend Aamie is. :) Well, I took to wrapping the package she gave me and ended up using the whole package of pins. The quantity in a pack is 30! Guess how many more I had to buy? 2 packages! Whoa!

Here is my pretty jar.

Just in case you are wondering, that isn't all of the ribbon I wrapped. I have another full basket. See...

And this, well, this just makes me giddy!

Here are some other clever ribbon storage ideas I have seen lately.

Clever reuse of an empty tea bag box. Visit Bright and Blythe

VERY organized drawers at Amazing Paper Grace.


Ya can't beat the ever versatile mason jar! Visit The Crafter's File Box.

How do you store your ribbon stash?


  1. Really great ideas! I love the clothes pins as spools. :) I save thread spools when they are empty and wind ribbon pieces onto them. :)

  2. SO cute! I have mine in two old formula containers with slits cut in the side so the ribbon comes out the side. LOVE the clothespin idea though, much prettier!!

  3. such a pretty way to display your ribbon...I love the jar...oh and the clothes pins!!!!

  4. Very good ideas; following you back from http://superqtonthehill.blogspot.com

    thank you so much for being my follower!!!

  5. I use the clothespins, too! But then I got tired of unraveling all the ribbon off the spools (not to mention I ran out of clothespins) so now I just slide the spools onto wire hangers & hang them in the closet. Great ideas!

  6. I have my ribbon in a jar like that too! The tea box is a neat idea.

    Saying hi from NFF. Come say hi when you get a chance.