When I stand before God at the end of my life,
I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say,
"I used everything You gave me."
~Erma Bombeck

December 10, 2009

Christmas Mantle and Creating Tradition

Wow! First let me say thanks for all the sweet compliments on my Texas style rag wreath. I really love it and think it looks great on the front door. I hung some lighted garland above the door yesterday and this is how it looks now...

I hope to pick up some nice big pots with plants sometime throughout the next year that I can change out for each seaon. I think it would add a lot to the porch.

I also finished the mantle...

As you can see, we don't use that beautiful fireplace. I am still working on my hubby about that one. If we aren't going to use it for a fire, I think I am going to put a pretty candlescape in there. The extra stocking is for my Daddy. He is coming to spend 10 days with us around Christmas. I am so excited for my girls and for myself!

Now on to creating tradition. Each year, C and I take the girls to a local Christmas tree farm where we ride a hayride out to pick out and cut our tree. This has become such a tradition for us, I can't stand the thought of going to a roadside and picking out a precut tree. The farm is a little more expensive, but having a fresh cut tree that lasts is worth it. The girls have a ball as to C and I.

As a lot of you know. I lost my sweet Mama in October due to complications surrounding a diagnosis with Ovarian Cancer. My heart has been aching, but I keep pressing on for my little girls. I want them to remember the fun of Christmas. I didn't realize I was trying so hard until yesterday when I went in search of the sugar cookie recipe my Mom used to make every year and I couldn't find it. I had wanted to make these with my girls this year and start that tradition. Each moment that passed as I searched for that recipe I got more and more upset until I gave up at last and called my little sister in tears because I had lost the recipe. Fortunately, she found it bookmarked in Mom's copy of the family cookbook. A cookbook that I happen to own too!

I took a step back yesterday. I wasn't only crying because I lost the recipe and Mom is no longer there to call and ask precious questions to. I was crying because I was beginning to stress myself out trying to make Christmas perfect for my girls. Maybe to cover up the fact that I am so darn sad! So... slowing down to enjoy the holidays with special hugs and kisses, Christmas movies, hot chocolate, sugar cookies (of course), hayrides, christmas lights and church services to remember the real meaning of Christmas. Those are the things my daughters will remember the most.

What about you? What are your special Christmas traditions you do with your family?


  1. I think it's great ya'll have so many traditions. We're still creating ours!

  2. Your door and your mantle are absolutely beautiful! You are so creative and crafty.

    So sorry to hear about the loss of your mama. Your commitment to slowing down and making the holiday meaningful for your girls despite your pain is inspiring.

    Merry Christmas (a bit early),

  3. just found your blog via PEAR and I'm so glad I did! love the front door and the mantle! :) A candlescape would be such a good idea. It's important to both create and instill traditions. It's a way of reconnecting and joining your girls to your memories of your own childhood. my mil passed away last month also from complications from cancer though it's not the same as having your own mother pass, i have an idea of what you're going through.